Yargı Episode 36 Trailer Published? What Happened in the Last Episode of Yargı? Who is the New Killer?

Yargı episode 36

Has the Yargı36th episode trailer been released? What will happen in the 36th chapter of Yargı? Is all this Yekta Tilmen’s game? Confused by new players? Nevada is dead! Who did Rose bring food to? Who is the mysterious doctor Aylin is seeing? Who is Haluk, the lawyer who has migraine?

Yargı appeared before the audience with an episode that marked the second season. The indispensable series of Sunday evenings, Yargı, did not mislead those who missed it and started its adventure from where it left off with a full episode.

What Happened in the Last Episode of Yargı?

A change was made regarding Ilgaz Kaya, who was expected to be the Chief Prosecutor, and Pars was brought to the Office of the Chief Prosecutor. While the love of Derya and Pars has begun, will this new appointment of Pars be an obstacle to the love of the two? While congratulating Derya Pars, she could not approach this situation very positively.

First Murder of the Season!

In line with the tip, Eren’s commissioner and prosecutor Ilgaz Kaya arrives at a new murder scene. This is quite interesting. Because many corpses come out of the mysterious well. The bodies are muddy and very difficult to identify. The information that a child is alive is passed on from the excluded ones. Coincidentally, the child is the one Ceylin has been looking for for days. Ilgaz and Ceylin meet again in a joint file. Rules came up against the duo again and Ceylin had to make sacrifices. Ceylin, whom we know, acted contrary to him again and signaled that he would not let things go.

Identity of Female Body Shocked!

Eren Commissioner calls Ilgaz Kaya at midnight and asks him to come as soon as possible. When the Forensic Medicine Department was reached, we witnessed that Eren Commissioner was in tears. While everyone was in the series, it was discussed who the deceased was for a moment. Ilgaz is also devastated when he sees the deceased. It turns out that the identity of the deceased belongs to Hakime Neva. It is revealed that Neva has bruises on her body, which she has been struggling with for days without food and water, and that she has been strangled to death.

Pars Savcı – Mehmet Yılmaz Ak Performance Applauded!

The biggest drama of the night was the duty of Eren and Ilgaz to give the news to Pars. Pars impresses with her acting. The audience could not help the tears with him. Pars experienced the pain of not being able to take care of her brother and became more ambitious!

So what will the next episode be? Questions That Remain In Mind In The Last Episode!

In the last scene, a note is left in Ilgaz’s car. The knife seized at the murder scene is requested to be left at the address given by Ceylin Kaya. Otherwise, a threat is made that the corpses will increase. Let’s see how Ilgaz Kaya will choose.
Ceylin’s older sister Aylin started seeing a doctor named Çetin. This is a matter of curiosity about Çetin’s mystery…
Ceylin’s mother, Gul, wrapped two pots of leaf lily and was seen carrying one of the pots secretly, and she is still startled when she hears Gul Ilgaz’s name!

  • Ceylin Melek came to the game of the intern. Whose man is this boy with two phones?
  • At the end of the day, it is very clear that Yekta will take revenge again! Where is the seven events?
  • The newly appointed Chief of Police opens the unknown number and starts his speech by saying sir…
  • Metin Amir’s new tenant who plays eye-to-eyeğ

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