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Do What You Have To Do!

Redemption 31th episode trailer has been released! What will happen in the 31th episode of Redemption? The Redemption series continues with new episodes. Redemption will air on Friday, December 31 with its 31th episode. What happened in the last episode of Redemption, what will happen in the new episode of Redemption? Details in the summary of the 31th episode of Redemption are in our news… Here’s what will happen on Wednesday, December 31 in Redemption…

Watch the details of the 31th episode of Redemption, which is one of the most loved and followed series on Channel 7 screens.

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Hira is in a difficult situation in the series of bondage! Orhun is after Nihan’s killers. Will Hira be able to escape from the hands of armed men? Will Orhun pull the trigger? Here are the details of the next episode from the Bondage series…

Orhun had made a lot of effort to reach Nihan’s killers before his mother. He finally found the names he was looking for. He asked what he knew about his brother’s murderers. Orhun is afraid that Hira may be at the bottom of the list.

Those who want to take revenge on Orhun get their eyes on Hira. They want to detain Hira and intimidate Orhun. Hira proves that she is not afraid of anyone. He asks Orhun to do what is necessary. Orhun has to be sensitive. He worries that Hira will be harmed. So he should make a good move to make the most logical decision.

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