Redemption Episode 100 Trailer – Redemption Friday, April 28


Orhun will be misunderstood!

Hello Redemption lovers. The bliss storm is back. He won’t come back without making a mess! Orhun is prone to misunderstandings at this time…You can also express your opinions in the analysis of the next chapter with your comments…

Redemption episode 100th trailer has been released! What will happen in the 100th episode of Redemption? The Redemption series continues with new episodes. Redemption will air on Friday 28, with its 100th episode. What happened in the last episode of Redemption, what will happen in the new episode of Redemption? Details in the summary of the 100th episode of Redemption are in our news… Here’s what will happen on, Friday 28th in Redemption…

Redemption, which is one of the most loved and most followed series of Channel 7 screens, is with you.

Redemption Episode 100

Redemption 100 Trailer Released?

Orhun’s telling the truth in the series of Bondage will explode in his hands again. Orhun and Eda are in a race on this issue! Let’s see if one of the two can spawn this issue.

Saadet knows about Hira’s soft stomach. After this time, Hira will not lose the inheritance. He will play on Orhun and try to get Hira to his side. As we said, Orhun was slow to reveal some facts. Hira will not welcome her aunt’s expulsion from the mansion.

This issue cannot be closed in two days. Events grow and this work extends to the joint cooperation of Eda and Saadet… The common point of Saadet and Eda is to separate the couple. While Eda is placed in Orhun, Saadet will ensure that the inheritance remains with her.

The relationship between Meryem and Kenan is still on the rocks. Kenan will take steps to fulfill his sister’s desire to marry. Will this step be for Meryem or someone else?

Redemption Episode 100 Trailer Details Continue! Watch Redemption Friday, April 28!

Subject of Redemption

The heir apparent of the Demirhanlı family, Orhun, and the love of Hira, who has lived under slavery all her life, take their place on the screens every weekday with Kanal 7’s popular TV series, Esaret. Captivity; It draws attention with its different story.

Demirhanlı Mansion is shaken by bitter news. The leader of the family, the twin sister of the mighty Orhun Demirhanlı, falls victim to a terrible murder in Africa, where he went on duty. Faced with the bitter truth in Africa, where he went to pick up his sister, Orhun sets his mind to punish his brother’s murderers. Trying to continue his life with the fire of revenge in his heart, Orhun returns from Africa with a burning fire and a slave girl Hira next to him. From now on, the world will not be the same as before, nor Orhun Demirhanlı…

The story of Orhun, who wants to avenge his brother, and Hira, who is the prisoner of his conscience, is on Kanal 7 every weekday at 19:00 with Esaret.

Kraliçe dizisi konusu ne? Kraliçe dizisine dair tüm ayrıntılar…

Yüz Yıllık Mucize konusu ne? Yüz Yıllık Mucize oyuncuları kimler?

Aile 1.bölümde Neler Olacak?

Fedakar Dizisi Konusu Ne? Fedakar Dizisi Oyuncuları Kim?

Redemption Squad

Mahassine Merabet

Cenk Torun

Ali Yağız Durmuş

Hilal Anay

Melahat Abbasova

Mustafa Şimşek

Zeki Ocak

Esra Demirci

Pervin Mert

Yağmur Çelik

Yaren Yıldırım

Kerem Tanık

Ceren Su Gülnaz Özçelik

Bülent Ergün

Başak Durmaz

Öncil Aktarıcı

Gözde Erdem

Sinem Karaçoban

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