Legacy Season 3 Tips

legacy 3 seasons

We watched the first promotion of the exciting 3rd season of the Emanet series. Thus, we saw Nanuka Stambolishvili, who replaced Sıla Türkoğlu, in the series. Although this change upsets the audience, it would be useful to give the series another chance. Well, Emanet, what awaits us in the next season?

Strong woman!

First of all, those who watched the 1st and 2nd seasons saw a softer and oppressed person when they looked at the character of Seher. Seher was especially challenged by Yaman and always lost with the plays of bad characters. The new actress Nanuka, on the other hand, showed the opposite of Seher with her stance in the first promotion. He almost challenged himself with his horse riding and hard stance.

If we think about Nanuka’s character, we can definitely say that there will be a great conflict and struggle with Yaman in the next season of the series.

Yaman’s new love!

If we continue with the tips in the promotion, it is not difficult to get the impression that Yaman is in seclusion. Nanuka, who will come across Yaman in this loneliness, will confuse him a lot. At some point, fate will weave the webs of the duo. In particular, Nanuka’s stern form and common features with Yaman will strengthen this union.

Finally, in the series, of course, the indispensable ones are bad. The evil that will happen to Nanuka, together with Yaman’s heroism, may unintentionally get closer to the duo and present a new season with the taste of an Indian series.

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