Legacy Season 3 COMING SOON!

Legacy 3 season

Horsewoman will blow Yaman’s mind away!

Season 2 of the Legacy series had a sad end. Seher lost her life and Yaman was left alone. After this sad season finale, the first trailer of Season 3, which all viewers are eagerly awaiting what will happen next season, has been released.

What will happen in Legacy Season 3? Although the fans of the series do not want Seher’s death, the new actress, who is rearing in the countryside with her snow horse Image.jpeg, seems to change all the balances already and make you forget Seher’s absence.

Our first guess based on the short introduction is that Yaman went into seclusion after all his suffering. Yaman’s departure from the mansion and going to the countryside draws a completely different path for him. While Yaman has given up on everything, he will meet a completely different woman here.

Who is this woman? This woman will have a very different character from Seher. Stronger, resolute and fearless. Just like Yaman. Yaman, who is far from a new love because of what he has been through, will not be able to stand this woman for too long, where he will find a piece of himself. And the first sprouts of love will be sprouted here.

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